Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Prince and Princesses

Yesterday Papa, M2, and I attended a play at the preschool called The Prince and Princesses.

The kids in M.G.'s class are divided into 4 small groups. Each group has a long term investigation project that they work on during the semester. This semester there was a group learning about fish, one building and launching rockets, a group interested in doing a play, and M.G.'s group that was interested in castles. When the play group decided to write a play about princesses they merged to form one big group with the castle group.
The play was created by the kids. They wrote the script, designed the costumes, built the set and props, and typed the invitations and programs. They decided who would have each part and what they would each say. (The 1 boy in the group was an easy choice for the role of "Prince.") M.G. was so excited to be a part of this. She would give updates at least weekly.

She volunteered to be the narrator. Her job was to read the bulk of the play and then the others would interject a line here or there while acting out what M.G. was reading. The play was just a few minutes long, but had a traditional fairy tale plot.
(Princesses journey through the desert on horses. They meet mean pink dragons, but pet them to make them nice. They are hungry and eat poison apples given to them by witches at a poison factory. They all fall asleep. The prince comes to rescue and wake them up. They pick magic flowers to carry at their wedding to the prince. They all marry the prince and the magic flowers allow them to fly away at the end.)M.G. acted as director, as well as narrator, by shouting out each person's name when it was time to say a line. She had a very "directorial" tone she used that I'm not sure I've heard before. Her teacher was very happy that M.G. decided to be the director so that the teachers didn't have to give prompts. In rehearsal the kids would remember what to say, but never catch when to say it. Apparently they were also happy that M.G. would keep everyone on track at rehearsals. I feel like there is a fine line between "directing" and "bossing," but it sounds like the teachers were encouraging her to be a leader.

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David said...

that's awesome! It's great that the school let the kids write their own play! I can see Rebecca directing!