Friday, April 09, 2010

They keep me laughing!

This morning I was reading M2 a book that is written in Spanish that my parents brought M.G. from Spain. On each page is a picture of an animal and translates to something like, "What does the pig say?" We read it a lot to M.G., but never really pulled it out for M2 so I usually have to repeat each line in English too. He also always gets stuck on the donkey page and I have to remind him that a donkey says, "Hee haw." This time, I asked, "Como hace el burro?" and without pausing he said, "AGUA" in a deep voice. (He knows water, goodbye and hello in Spanish.)
Yesterday M.G. found me and asked for scissors, glue, and paper. I handed her some sheets from our scratch paper pile and kept M2 out of her hair. She worked with focus for quite a while and then asked for help stapling it together.

"Speeches Show," by Rebecca: (I just can't get that 2nd photo to rotate...) The text is all taken from an exam Papa wrote for one of his classes. Maybe he should format all of his exams this way... I did ask her what the speeches were about and she said, "Very important things, as you can see."


Currey said...

I had to chuckle when I saw what the speeches were about. I agree, that format would make engineering tests much more exciting. I will have to remember that one.

David said...

If a donkey could talk it would probably say "Agua"....