Friday, May 21, 2010

39 weeks - will we have a boy or girl? (Vote over in the poll!)

I think I'm about 39 weeks now. I had forgotten the exact due date that we figured out at the beginning of my pregnancy and that date was a day or two different from what my ultrasound suggested. When I asked the nurse to remind me of the date she wasn't exactly sure either! My 1st doctor was new to the practice, and has since left under mysterious circumstances, and apparently wrote the dates down without really picking one as "the date."

In the long run it really doesn't matter, baby will arrive when he/she wants. But, now that we are getting down to the wire it would be fun to have something to measure the days against. They'll also start talking about induction next week and a day or two here or there might give the baby that much more time to come without help.

Regardless, here is a photo we took last night. Anyone want to guess boy/girl this time around? I still don't have a strong feeling either way, but Papa and M.G. are so confident that it is a girl that they are kind of pulling me along to that side.
Today I posted at my other blog about the awesome picnic table that Papa built for us - check it out!


Nissa Nicole said... look GREAT! I have been fairly certain the whole pregnancy that it is a girl.

That baby looks like he/she is ready.

David said...

that is a nice picnic table.

Jo said...

Oh, I haven't checked your blog for a while and was so happy to see a picture of you for once! You look great, but ugh, that baby needs to get out! I love Becca's pullover & the picnic table looks great! Nicely done to both of you!