Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Free fishing weekend

Last weekend was a free fishing weekend in South Dakota. On Saturday and Sunday people could fish without a license and the state parks had free admission. M.G. had been talking about wanting to fish and we had the equipment that Papa used as a child, so this was a good chance to see if we wanted to get licenses this year.

Our town has a nature area with some ponds that are stocked with fish. Saturday, after a short morning thunderstorm, we tried it out.
We spent about an hour letting the kids try things out and Papa caught a couple small fish that we threw back. We all had fun, but decided the kids were both a little young to enjoy a longer day of fishing.

I have very fond memories of summer fishing trips with my Grandma and Grandpa Y. At 39 weeks pregnant on a rainy day I was kind of reluctant for this excursion. But, once we got there I couldn't wait to bait a hook and get it into the water. I could have stood there all morning in the breeze, looking out at the water. As silly as it sounds, the slimy fish smell left on my hands after helping get the fish off the hook brought back such happy memories. I wish I would have gotten lessons on cleaning the fish from my Grandpa, but we can figure that out and I can see this being a fun family activity in a year or two.


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David said...

I haven't seen the picture in a long time! I would love for all of us to go fishing sometime...maybe in a few years!