Wednesday, May 05, 2010

M2 sleep update

Our M2-led sleep training continues to go well. About 3 or 4 weeks ago Papa had reached his limit for bedtime rocking. It was taking at least an hour or even an hour and a half to rock M2 to sleep each night. He was still coming in to our room and waking up a few times a night too. At that point he was down to nursing at bedtime, naptime, and if he asked in the night.

Several nights a week I tutor on-line from home. We picked a night where I was busy tutoring (so that I wouldn't be tempted to nurse or rock M2 if things were going poorly) and Papa put M2 into bed. M2 fussed a small amount, but before long he asked Papa to leave him alone and fell right to sleep! Papa took care of bedtime for the most part because it was going so well. The nights I tried often led to more fussing, more asking for water or songs or snuggles. With Papa, M2 would ask for water and then after a few minutes would ask Papa to leave. The amazing thing was that M2 also started sleeping through the night and quit asking to nurse as well and now is completely weaned!

We don't rock at all anymore for bedtime or naptime. M2 might come out of his room once or twice, but usually stays in bed until he falls asleep. Some times it takes a while, but never as long as rocking did. We've reached kind of a middle ground where he fusses a little more for Papa and a little less for me, so there isn't much difference in who tucks him in. Lately he's been coming into our room at some point and we'll either put him back or just let him climb in with us - depending on if we wake up enough to know what is going on.

It's pretty amazing to me that it went so smoothly. M.G. still fights falling asleep, so it is refreshing that M2 doesn't mind being still in bed for a while.

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Recovering Procrastinator said...

YAY! Sleeping issues can be SO frustrating. Glad it's going well (with one of them at least).