Friday, May 14, 2010

Our morning errand...

The kids and I went to get M.G. a haircut yesterday.

M.G. seems so much older to me when she's sitting boosted up in the chair, checking herself out in the mirror. And it's difficult to remember the 2.5 year old who wouldn't talk much to anyone, let alone strangers, when she is answering the stylist's questions like a pro.
S: What are you up to today? Doing anything special?
M.G.: Well, I'm having a baby.
S: Really, when will your baby be here?
M.G.: At the end of May.

And on and on. She answered questions about "her baby," school, and her brother. She just had so much fun having her hair dried and fussed over.

M2 and I sat in the waiting area and he was really content to watch the haircut. We had the place to ourselves and he was kind of timid around the stylists, so he didn't get wild at all.

The kids were each given a sucker at the salon for being so good. It seems like you can't leave the house here without being given those Dum Dum suckers. The kids handle this sort of thing so differently.

M.G.: Gets really excited about having a sucker. Then she hands it to me so that I can get it home for her. If I put it in my pocket she forgets about it and rarely asks for it again. Sometimes she'll ask for a sucker for a random treat, but is usually happy having something else instead. If we give her a sucker she'll lick it for a while, but often tosses more than half of it in the garbage in the end.

M2: Gets really excited about having a sucker. Demands to hold it the whole way home and compromises by putting it in his own pocket. Often tries to pull it out to look at it in the car. Asks to eat the sucker as soon as we get home and has a really difficult time hearing "no." Rips into the sucker and chomps on it as fast as he can, getting sticky drool all over himself. Asks when he can have another.

It really shows how you have to adjust your parenting style for each kid. With M.G. we'd let her bring home as many suckers as she wanted and just built up a stockpile in the kitchen. They were used for special treats now and then. But, with M2 we've found we really are better off finding a way to say no up front. Yesterday, after he finished his sucker, he would push his teeth together and you'd hear a smack of sugar as they stuck for a moment when he opened his mouth. I scooped him up and tried to brush his teeth, but I know baby teeth are really hard to get clean. That sticky teeth sound is going to make saying no a little easier for me!

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LutherLiz said...

I think E will tend toward M2's sucker beliefs! It is interesting to think how different the kids are. I wonder how M3 will treat suckers when it gets to that point!