Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Overheard at snack time...

I was walking past the kitchen, bringing a load of clothes down to the washer...

M.G.: She'll have to stay at the hospital a few days when the baby is born and you won't see her.

M2: Oh

M.G.: But, very soon after the baby is born we will get to visit and bring the baby toys!

M2: Yay!

M.G.: But, the baby won't get to come home right then. It will come home later and live with us.

M2: (very loudly) Baby see giant corn! Baby see windmills! Baby see great-grandma, great-grandpa!!

We toured the birth center at the hospital today. I like giving the kids a chance to see what "the hospital" is so that they can picture where Papa and I will be. The waiting area has a little fridge with crackers and juice, so that is something exciting for them as well.

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