Monday, May 17, 2010

Social butterfly!

We have been meeting at a playground about once a week with our 2 year old friend Maya and her mom. We had so much rain last week that we were really excited to get out on a beautiful morning last Friday.

Normally we've had the playground to ourselves, but there were two day care groups also there that morning.

M.G. was really happy to see so many kids and before long she was running and playing with a couple of the girls. It was pretty great for me to see how she just dove in and had fun with them on equal footing. I've always been a little worried about her social skills and this really gave me confidence that the things her teachers were saying all year were true.

M2 took a little longer to warm up to the crowd, but eventually played on the equipment he was interested in. Toward the end of our trip he wanted to ride in one of the big kid swings. He hung on for dear life and laughed so much as I pushed him.

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