Friday, May 07, 2010


Just a few weeks ago we were out trimming back the dead branches from the bushes around the house. A few perennials were starting to come up, but it looked pretty bare everywhere.

In the last two weeks we've had an explosion of new leaves and plant growth!

I don't know the names of all of our plants, but our parents have helped us out with some... In the back these lilies have shot up.
I don't know what this is, but was really surprised to find it where we had pulled out a bunch of long, dried straw shoots from last year. We have a few of them along the side of the house.
Here's our lilac - it's a deep purple! The shrubs in the background include Russian sage and a yellow dogwood.

I had spent an afternoon pulling dried, dead stalks out of the rocks in front of our house. I was starting to worry that I had dug too roughly, because nothing was coming up, even after the rest of the yard was coming back to life. But, this area gets the least sun and just last week Papa found these bright purple shoots. The kids and I call them "monster finger plants" until we figure out what they really are.
Here's our apple tree - it has white blossoms and we're kind of disappointed with how few blossoms it has.

The dogwood and plants near the driveway. These really filled out their beds nicely. You can see a deep pink crab apple tree across the street. We had a tree like this in the backyard when I was young. It smells so good that I try to walk by it with the kids whenever possible.
We didn't know what to expect from the yard this spring and I really like how things are going so far, especially considering that we haven't had to do much ourselves yet. We planted the raspberries and some flower seeds and will plan to modify some of this landscaping at some point, but it's nice to see what we have to work with.


Recovering Procrastinator said...

The cabbage looking green one is Sedum -- probably Autumn Joy or Brilliant.

The monster spears are Hosta.

Revlis Queen said...

i'd recommend making a little map of your yard to track what comes up where and what it turns into. Makes it easier to a) decide where not to dig and b) makes it easier to know what you DO want to dig up if you end up not liking it. This is the lesson I learned. :)

The Marketing Mama said...

Your landscaping looks amazing! Have lots of fun with it! :)

Currey said...

The monster fingers are hostas. I always get weirded out when they come up. And yes, the cabbage looking one is sedum sometimes called hens and baskets or something along those lines.

The plants look amazing!