Friday, June 04, 2010

41 weeks or so...

I had an appointment with a new OB today. My normal doctor is out of town this weekend. I felt like I got along better with this new doctor, which was a nice surprise this late in the game.

He wanted to do a very quick ultrasound scan to prove that the placenta was out of the way, since during the scan done earlier in the pregnancy it was hard to see. He also checked to see that there is still a really good amount of fluid in there. The baby is still moving quite a lot, so it looks like there is no reason to worry about distress at this point. It made us glad that he didn't suggest a non-stress test at this point, since baby was moving so much it was an indication that everything is going fine.

Last week, my doctor was suggesting we schedule an induction as 41 weeks was getting close, so it was nice to talk with this doctor who is ok with seeing how things go this weekend and checking back in on Tuesday if the baby hasn't been born yet. He heavily implied that we don't need to worry about that, so of course we are excited - even though he can't really say when it will happen.

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