Thursday, June 24, 2010

Experiential vs academic learning

Grandpa B emailed the kids this photo that he took while on a walk around a lake in the Twin Cities.They were both intrigued and started talking at the same time about what it was they were seeing in the lake.

M2 really wanted to go visit Grandpa right now. He thought maybe he could go in the water to see it closer and figure out what it was.

M.G. grabbed Volume 3 of her Charlie Brown Encyclopedia and started flipping through the pages as quickly as she could. She was muttering something like, "I know I saw it in here somewhere." Finally she flung the book open in front of me, pointing with emphasis at one of the illustrations. She proclaimed, "It must be related to the elasmosaurus!" Later I asked her which dinosaur she thought was in the lake. In a very exasperated tone she said, "There is not a dinosaur in the lake. It just must be related to the elasmosaurus because they look the same."

Turns out the monster has its own website!

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Lucky Cracker said...

I loved that! She's so smart!