Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Two weeks with Catherine

Catherine has been home for just over two weeks now and is already fitting right in the with family. In fact, I had to double check my calendar to be sure it has been just two weeks and not a lot longer.

Not only is she fitting into the family, but into the car too! Three monkeys in the backseat!Catherine already seems to focus a little more on faces and will turn her head toward people some times. I'm not sure I'd say she is smiling already, but her expression will change in a positive way and her eyes light up when we get close to talk to her.

M2 loves his sister and is concerned when she is upset. He's been a little clingy since she came home and doesn't like it if I can't come help him because I'm helping the baby. We'll see how that develops. But, he's always telling me that the baby needs milk and sometimes he'll just check in and ask if the baby is doing ok. In this photo she had been sleeping, but let out a tiny cry. He drove over his trucks and said, "It's ok baby. You'll be ok baby." He sat by her for quite a while until he noticed she had fallen back to sleep.
M.G. is entranced and seems to think that she has psychic baby talking abilities. She's always telling us what she is sure the baby wants or is thinking. At this point Catherine, according to M.G., mostly wants to hold her stuffed giraffe that the kids picked out for her, is upset because she can't eat yummy table food yet, or just wants more kisses from M.G. Grandma and Grandpa M found Catherine a dress to match M.G.'s Easter dress and M.G. couldn't wait for them to match for church.

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Jen said...

They are so cute in their matching outfits.

Watching Connor interact with Ellie has been one of the funnest things. Sounds like it will be the same with M2 and Catherine.