Monday, July 19, 2010

2 year old humor

M2 is my little joker. He loves to laugh and be funny.

Sunday, at lunch, I tried the old "you have a spot on your shirt" line. When he looked down I said "boop" and poked him in the nose. He though it was hilarious and then we had to try it on everyone else and him a few more times as well.

After lunch I carried him back to his room for his nap. I put him down on his bed and he said, "You will change my diaper, then you will pick me up again. I will say, 'Mama, something on your shirt.' Then you will look and I will boop you in the nose! It so funny!" After the diaper he was sure to say, "Ok, now you pick me up so I can boop you!"

I tried to convince him to try it on Papa, but he and I were laughing to much for him to get the words out.

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