Wednesday, July 28, 2010

As we all predicted ...

M.G. has been an early riser her whole life. No matter what her bedtime, or how short on sleep she might be, she tended to wake up around 6 AM.

It has become clear in the last month that 7:30 is now her prime wake-up time. Today she slept until 8 AM! Most likely this is because we have been letting her read in bed as late as she wants at night. Well, until it starts getting too dark for her to see the pages - we turn her light off at 8 PM. But I've seen her in there many nights still trying to get through a few more pages, even though it must be too dark to read well.

Of course, school is starting in 3 weeks and we'll have to start waking her up earlier. That just sounds so wrong to type - we've avoided waking her up earlier at all costs until now!

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