Thursday, July 22, 2010

M.G. - at the end of her "stay-at-home" years.

M.G. has had a couple growth spurts this summer. She's just looking so much older to me now and at times it is difficult to remember that she is just 5. She's starting school in about a month and is so very excited. I'm excited for her too and looking forward to this new stage for her, but at the same time I can't help but feel anxious.

I have total confidence that she'll do well and be comfortable at school. I'm the one worrying about if she will ask to use the bathroom if she needs to, if she'll get lost during recess, or if she will have people to sit with at lunch. I thought they had things like open houses so that the children wouldn't be nervous in their new environment. Instead, I'm the one who wants to be reassured.

But, then we buy her a backpack or she tells me about what she wants to learn or I see her with the kids in her tennis class and I just hope I can worry less and enjoy the ride.

Papa and his friends used to frequent White Castle in high school. We drove by one while we were in MN for our mini-vacation. The younger kids had both fallen asleep and we had a good 30 to 60 minutes before a very late lunch after the museum. We made a snap decision to drive through and each get a tiny burger. M.G. got a kick out of being old enough to stay awake and try one too. I had really enjoyed watching her explore the museum and was super proud that she was so good about not complaining when she was hungry for lunch. This was one of those days where seeing her grow is just so much fun.

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