Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sign Language class

M.G. continues on her quest to teach M3 all she needs to know.

Over the weekend we were watching M3 wiggle on my bed between diaper changes. M.G. ran to get our baby signs book and started the first Sign Language class.

The book is a picture glossary of signs with an illustration and description for each. M.G. started at the beginning and demonstrated any she thought would be useful to M3.

I loved how she tried to really give M3 a reason to use each sign. Here are some of my favorites...

"Ok, so if you have some mama milk that is really, really good you'd do this with your hands." (delicious)

"If someone is staring at you and you want them to get out of the room you can say 'go.'" (go)

"Oh, now if you have some milk and it isn't delicious, but it is still ok, then use this sign." (good)

"Ah! We can't forget this one! If someone is playing with your toys and you want them to stop." (no)

M.G. has been trying to show M3 signs as they'd be useful during the day, like 'milk' and 'wait.' We've explained that M3 can't control her arm movements yet, but M.G. wants to get a head start.

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