Sunday, July 18, 2010

Vacation to MN - Slip 'n Slide and Spaceship Ride

We spent the Sunday of our mini-vacation with Grandma and Grandpa M. After church, Grandma and Grandpa watched the older kiddos so that Papa and I could have a nice meal out for our 7th anniversary. M3 cooperated by sleeping through our whole lunch in her car seat at the table!

The kids had a blast with the slip 'n slide that afternoon. Here they were in 2008 and 2009...
and here is the 2010 photo! I'm guessing it will be a tight squeeze for all 3 kids to pose next summer. I can't believe M2 still fits in that shirt.

They go wild with this - diving and jumping so enthusiastically. M.G. figured out how to really slide this year and M2 was whole-heartedly jumping into the pool area.
M3 didn't stay outside in the sun for very long, but we thought we better let her check out the water too. M2 was shouting in my ear, "Catherine doesn't have swim clothes on! She needs swim clothes!"
Overall, it was a lovely weekend. I think we made the most of our 3 days. The kids are such good travelers and we were all so glad to spend some time with Dave, Nissa, and Hank. We were on the go much of the time and didn't pay attention to nap time or bedtimes, which can be kind of a relaxing break in short doses. It can't last long, though; by our early supper on Sunday, M2 was falling asleep at the table. He would take a bite of raspberry pie and then start to drift off while chewing.

He and M.G. both fell right to sleep when we left Grandma and Grandpa M's house. We stopped to feed the baby about 3 hours into the trip and they both woke up. We had pulled into a little park that was between the road and a lake. It was getting dark, but there were still pink and purple clouds in the sky. Papa took the older kids out of the car to walk around a bit and check out the lake. We all watched the water and the clouds for a while and it brought back so many road-trip memories of random beautiful stops.

M.G. and M2 stayed awake for the last hour of the trip. They aren't often in the car after dark and were excited to see Venus. M.G. pondered where the moon might be. She was certain it must be a new moon, so we called Grandpa B and he checked for us. She was correct. Soon she turned our car into a space ship and we were traveling on our orbit through street light stars and planets.

It was a very short vacation, but such a great break.

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