Friday, July 16, 2010

Weekend vacation to MN - Como Zoo

We took a 3-day vacation to Minnesota last weekend while Uncle Dave and Aunt Nissa were visiting. It was a very quick trip, but we fit in a lot of activities.

On Friday morning we visited Como Zoo:
We all enjoyed the zoo and were especially excited to see the new polar bear exhibit. We arrived just in time to watch a demonstration about training the bears. They teach the bears how to cooperate so that they don't need to be given sedatives for routine medical check-ups.

M.G. has her map of the zoo in this photo. She loves checking where she is on a map and figuring out what other places she wants to see.
After walking around the zoo, we had a picnic in the park.
M3 spent part of the day in a carrier and then snoozed in the new stroller in its completely flat position. My cousin Anna gave her that onesie.

After lunch we rode on the carousel, walked through the Conservatory and Japanese garden, and had a treat at Dairy Queen!

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