Friday, July 16, 2010

Weekend vacation to MN - Relaxing in the condo

Friday and Saturday afternoons we spent some time relaxing at my parents' condo. It gave us a chance to get to know Dave and Nissa's new dog, Hank.

Hank is cautious around new people, so the kids felt very proud that they got to pet him and feed him snacks. Saturday afternoon we all walked him to an upscale dog supply store and M.G. and I had fun picking out a few gourmet doggie treats for him. (Like a tiny one flavored with sweet potato and lamb!)

Our relaxation time also gave Dave and Nissa a chance to meet our new addition!

My aunt and uncle gave each of the kids a Twins shirt in hopes they'd get to go to a game some time soon. Here they are looking like Minnesotans!
M3 had fun kicking around after being carried around each morning.

One of my favorite memories from the weekend will be M2 dancing along to the fast music we listened to at dinner one night. His shoulders were going up and down and he was grooving along. At first he was in his own little world, but then we noticed him and he started to play to the crowd a bit. At one point he was waving his hands above his head and asking each person at the table if they could do it too. He had all of us dancing right with him.

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