Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend vacation to MN - Science Museum

On the Saturday we were in Minnesota we visited the Science Museum of MN with Grandma and Grandpa B, Uncle Dave, and Aunt Nissa. It is included in the list of great museums to visit if you want more information on dinosaurs in the back of M.G.'s dinosaur book from the library. She noticed that in the days before our trip and wondered if we could go.

I grew up going to this science museum often and was excited to introduce it to my own kids. Just entering the lobby was exciting. The kids were drawn to the information computer, but also enjoyed a model dinosaur skeleton, a huge polar bear, and lights that made music when you moved under them.
While I was pregnant, we bought a Moby wrap for carrying M3 while she is a young baby and I find it to be very comfortable. It's a little bouncy for the baby for long, fast walks, but it is great for things like this or trips to the playground. She spent a lot of time in it this weekend.
Our first stop inside the museum was the dinosaur area. The kids were very impressed by the triceratops skeleton and T-rex skull. M.G. talked with a volunteer about fossils. She got to hold a fossil bone and a cow bone and see the difference.

Much of the museum was too advanced for the kids, but they still enjoyed pushing buttons and looking around. Kids under 4 are free, since things are geared toward older people, and I think we'll wait at least a year or two before going again. But there were still things all over the museum that were interesting for the kids. M.G. liked the weather area, talking to a volunteer about water bugs, going in a tug boat, and comparing her weight to that of Lake Superior fish. M2 also like the boat and the fish exhibit. He spent a lot of time with this wave tank.
I would have enjoyed more time to take in the exhibits and try some of the experiments myself. All over the museum there were areas with picture books or toys relating to the exhibits and so if we had more time it would have been fun to take turns with Papa looking at exhibits and keeping the kids entertained while the other looked.

We arrived at the museum at 10 AM on Saturday and were surprised that so few people were there. We could spend as much time as we wanted trying things out.
Next time we'll have to go take some photos with Iggy!

Mama and Uncle Dave, 1986

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Jo said...

Monkey mama, you look so great, and I'm quite impressed that you guys are getting out so much and doing these big road trips with 3 kids! You continue to amaze and inspire. I'm so glad you're keeping the blog updated so we can see your new life.