Monday, July 26, 2010

Wisconsin reunion

This last weekend we traveled to Wisconsin for Grandpa M's family reunion. Friday night we drove to Grandma and Grandpa M's house and then Saturday we drove another 2 hours to the area where Grandpa M grew up.

We were sure to stop for lunch and pie (I had Norwegian meatballs and mashed potatoes rolled in lefse and topped with gravy followed by fudge pecan pie - it was delicious) before checking in to the hotel. Then we drove out to the farm.

This side of the family had their last reunion 4 years ago when M.G. was 18 months old. There were fewer gathered this year, but we still had a good sized crowd.

M2 was so very excited to see the tractors on the farm. There was a smaller lawn tractor and then a larger one that was pulling a trailer for rides. He would have sat up there happily all weekend if we let him. Here he is with Greg's uncle (who owns the tractors).

He had this big grin on his face quite often over the weekend. Grandpa M's dad, who owned this farm, was also named Joseph. Several people mentioned how sweet it was to see a new Joseph M. on the farm.
We ate supper on Saturday and lunch on Sunday out at the farm. The kids each enjoyed their first s'more.
There was only one other younger kid at the reunion. She is a year older that M.G. and the girls got along really well once they got to know each other. Playing with the firewood kept them busy for a long time.
We went back to the hotel to sleep and the kids stayed up late playing cards and eating popcorn.
It was tough to get the kids to sleep in the hotel and we had a rocky night with all of them waking each other up at different points. M2 fell out of bed in the middle of the night. When I put him back in bed he mumbled to me, "This a fun tractor mama?"

We checked out of the hotel on Sunday after church and then went back out to the farm. Papa drove the kids around on the lawn tractor, which they loved. M2 had fun flirting with a couple of Papa's cousins and he grinned at them as he circled around the yard, making sure they saw him riding the tractor.
After lunch, most of the family went on a wagon ride, pulled by the larger tractor, out to the nearby lake. I kept M3 back at the farm under the shade and it looks like I missed out on some fun. But they were gone over an hour and I wanted to keep her cool and safe from the sun.

It sounds like M2 was really excited about the tractor ride. M.G. and her new friend went frog hunting at the lake.
We made our way back to Grandma and Grandpa's house for supper and a bit of play time before driving back to South Dakota. Catherine did well with all of the travel and outdoor time, but really loved the moments where she could stretch out on a blanket and just move her arms and legs.


Lucky Cracker said...

What a wonderful time!! Meatballs and potatoes rolled up in lefse??? Why did I never think of doing that. Yum!

LutherLiz said...

We love the Norske Nook! MMmmm, Pie!