Wednesday, July 28, 2010

You can lead a horse to a really soft, cozy bed, but...

M2 had been doing so well with getting to sleep at night. For the last few weeks the situation has gone from bad to worse. He has figured out that he can get out of bed over and over and over again.

At this point we've had Papa sit in with him, but that has taken up to 2 and a half hours some nights. We've also tried to stay out and just return him to bed over and over. He gets wound up and giggly and we just get angry.

I'm just not sure where to go from here. A later bedtime seems to just push the spectacle back.

I'm not sure why we have so much trouble with having an enjoyable bedtime.

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C said...

I think it must just be a toddler thing. Carys has been waking up at 5 to 6 am (about three hours early) for the past week or so, and refusing to go back to bed. I'm hoping this is just a phase, but I guess we'll see. Good luck with M2. By the way, I'm like MG, I am definitely an early morning person!