Monday, August 09, 2010

M3 - 2 months

M3 is still our peaceful little girl. It seems like something has clicked in the last week or so and she's figuring so much out now. She laughs and smiles at us. She'll focus in and it looks like she is trying so hard to talk to us. She'll work so hard to make a tiny coo in response.
She enjoys tummy time if she can watch her brother or sister. She's been using her legs to push forward and will move a few inches forward if she's really interested in what they are doing. The older kids love it if I stand her up and help her dance with them.

She has been regularly sleeping for 9 hrs at night. It is amazing and I'm afraid she'll stop, but we are enjoying it for now. Many days I wake up before she does, either because M2 wakes me up or I start to wonder if she is ok. If only I could get myself in bed earlier at night to truly take advantage of it!

In just the last few days M3 has been grabbing at toys. This video shows one of the first times she caught hold of the bouncy chair toys. She is really concentrating and trying to figure it all out. It also catches a few of her happy noises and a big smile.


LutherLiz said...

I am super impressed. Maybe because E was a preemie or because she's a third child but she seems super advanced! Go Mama and Go M3!

Lucky Cracker said...

She is so cute and I love her little coos! She looks like she was concentrating so hard!!

The Marketing Mama said...

Wow - she's super adorable! :)