Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More talk about our new routine...

Story time before school
M.G. picked out Goodnight Gorilla because she thought it was one of M2's favorites as a baby and so M3 would probably love it. It's a book with few words and M.G. was describing each page to M3... "Oh no, look, the gorilla has the key. What will he do with it? Let's see!" M3 loves to watch M.G. talk and was really happy to listen. Eventually M2 had to come over and see what was going on too.

Yesterday M.G. was much more chipper at the end of the day. They went to the library for the first time and were able to check out two books. She had been looking forward to library time. In general, she just had a lot of really happy things to say about school yesterday. She's still a little concerned about a variety of things, but she's doing really well.

The short bit of time after drop off is still a little sad for me because I think about how different the days are with her busy at school. Not better or worse, just really different. M2 still asks about her a lot and today was trying to convince me that we should pick M.G. up at noon and bring her home.

I'm having a lot of fun with M2 though. We've been going on walks, playing outside a lot, and going to playdates. M3 is still young enough to just come along for the ride and it is really nice not to have to juggle the needs of M.G. and M2. They both talk a lot and it is great to be able to focus on him alone without trying to juggle two conversations. When M.G. was this age she was my little side kick. It is nice to have that experience with M2 for a while.

Home again, home again
M3 loves to sit on M.G.'s lap, especially if M2 is jumping around in front of them. She smiles and laughs and tries to talk to us. She looks huge sitting there!

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