Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Not quite feeling ready!

Tomorrow is the big first day of school! M.G. has her outfit picked out and her backpack by the door. She decided to try hot lunch tomorrow. She had a bath. We're watching Wipe Out because that is what we do on Tuesday night.

I'm excited and nervous and I think she is too, but I'm kind of having trouble believing the day is here.

I am thinking part of the reason is that both my parents were high school teachers, so they were going back to school right along with my brother and I. The "night before" meant that all 4 of us were getting our things organized and that the routine would change for all of us. It's a strange feeling to know that the routine for M2, M3, and I will be much the same, except we'll miss M.G.!

I'm looking forward to seeing how M2 does as the oldest at home during the day. He spends so much time playing with M.G. that I hope it isn't too much of a surprise for him.


Lucky Cracker said...

Thinking of you and hoping all goes well (for you and kindergartner). I know it will.

Looking forward to the next post. : )

LutherLiz said...

Happy First Day of School MG and Mama Monkey!