Friday, August 20, 2010

School so far...

Right now M.G. is at her 2nd day of school. My parents had been visiting, but left yesterday. Papa had been out of town for work since Monday, but he came home last night. He went in to his office this morning, leaving M2, M3, and I on our own. It was kind of a weird feeling!

M.G.'s first day was Wednesday with just half the class. The other half went yesterday and today was everyone. It was also school picture day today. She had a lot of fun on the first day. She seemed a little nervous, but mostly excited. I dropped her off and the teacher announced the parents could follow the class into the room. I saw her choose what she was having for lunch and get her backpack hung on her hook. She found her spot and was in no mood to talk to me while waiting for class to start. Finally she said, after I tried making a joke, "Mom, I'm really ready for you to leave now."

It sounds like it was kind of overwhelming and just so new, but a very positive experience. She had music class, which was her favorite part of the day, and gym. Lunch and the bathroom breaks (there were a lot) made a big impression. She felt rushed at lunch, but it sounds like she ate a lot. They had 3 recess periods. She was somewhat bothered by all the loud bells and buzzers. She wondered why they didn't learn very much yet. She was concerned about how it would be when the whole class was there. She told of lots of cryptic things like, "The only boy with glasses played a disappearing game twice and the teacher had to find him while we waited in the classroom."

I was happy to have Grandma and Grandpa B here to keep M2, M3, and I busy all day. The day went really fast and then we all walked to school to pick up M.G. She ran much of the way home and was full of energy for about an hour before crashing and wanting to just zone out.

Resting after the first day of school.

M2 was happy to have M.G. home. When I got back from dropping her off on Wednesday he wanted to listen to "the champions song and we will rock you." We hadn't listened to that cd in a long time and had a Queen dance party with Grandma and Grandpa. After supper on Wed. M.G. came running out to the kitchen to tell us the Queen CD wasn't in its case (she didn't know we had been listening to it) and she really needed to listen to two of her favorite songs. So we listened again and the two of them danced and sang like wild people.

Drop off today went just as well. I waited around until she got into the building, but can see that she'd be fine just hanging out on the playground until time to line up.

Today has been fun and strange. It reminds me of the time when M2 was the newborn and I'm trying to think back to what M.G. and I did all day. It's calmer without the older kids playing off of each other. M2 is taking an interest in helping with things like the dishes and laundry. M.G. is over that and so M2 would usually want to be near her instead of helping me. It was nice today to realize that it would be a way to "play" with him and get things done.

Several times he has asked where M.G. is and occasionally he's had kind of a "now what?" look on his face. At one point he wanted to listen to the Cuba CD. He was really excited when it started up. Then he turned around to look at me and his face fell, "When is Rebecca coming home?"

Papa came home for lunch today and we went out. M2 asked if we were picking up M.G. and had such a mischievous look on his face when he put together that we were going without her. It really felt off for just the 4 of us to be at a restaurant! I checked my phone a couple times to be sure I hadn't missed a call from school.

I've had a lot of fun with him today, but just having to converse about every little things we've done all day has worn me out already!

We pick M.G. up at 3:20. I've started to keep an eye on the clock and can't wait to hear how it went. I also can't wait for the two older kids to disappear into her bedroom to play for just a bit.

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