Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weekend notes

*M3 has been really interactive lately. She loves to watch everyone and smile at us. She gets really excited when the other kids come close to her and loves to sit on M.G.'s lap. Sitting on one sibling's lap while watching the other dance around is so very exciting. She spent a really long time with this bunny toy last week. She would grab its ear, pet it, smile at it, and chew on it.
* M2 has kept his undies dry for 2 days in a row now. Unless we are going to be away from home for a while I haven't been even doing potty breaks with him, he just runs in when he needs to go!

* We bought tennis raquets for the kids today because we found a couple on sale. We also got a few foam training balls, which are a bit larger than a normal tennis ball and they seem to bounce slower. We had fun tonight testing it all out in the yard. M.G. was really interested in trying the tips I was giving her, which is not always the case. M2 mostly just ran around and then every once in a while would tell me he needed help with is raquet. Papa and I both enjoy tennis and I look forward to us all being able to play together.

* Friday's day of school went well for M.G. She had art that day. She came home singing a silly song about peanut butter. Lunch is still a topic where she has a lot to say. She had been worried about how crowded things would be when the whole class was there together. She said it worked out, but was kind of wild. "Kids keep wanting to talk to each other when we are supposed to just be working." She's mentioned a few times that her teacher is really nice to her. M2 was very excited to see her at the end of the day.

* Thursday morning, after Grandma and Grandpa B went home, I tried putting the 2nd seat on the stroller. When M3 is older she'll sit behind the main seat, but as a baby it works differently. M2 sits above M3, who rides flat. We took a very short stroll like this. M2 said it was very comfortable, so we'll have to try it out some more. You can see M3's feet, covered by a blanket, in this first photo.
*M.G. styled M3's hair after her bath yesterday. A sign of things to come, I'm sure. I did start a post about her birth, but have yet to find time to edit it and post it.

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