Monday, September 06, 2010

2 year old comedian

We've been telling a lot of knock-knock jokes at supper time lately. The kids find them really, really funny, but are still figuring out exactly why they are funny.

M2 has started trying to tell the jokes. For example tonight at supper:

M2: Knock Knock
Us: Who's there?
M2: Interrupting cow
Us: Interrupting cow who?
M2: (after a really long pause) MOO!!!!

Of course he was supposed to interrupt us, but we can't convince him of that. On the other hand, waiting a long time and then yelling moo at the top of his voice is kind of funny.

A few days ago he tried this classic:
M2: Knock Knock
Me: Who's there?
M2: Bathtub
Me: Bathtub who?
M2: Drain me, I'm drowning!

He was laughing so hard at himself. He's supposed to say, "Dwayne," and then "Dwayne the bathtub, I'm dwowning." But he finds his own version funnier.

My all time favorite is this joke he came up with himself:
M2: Knock Knock
Us: Who's there?
M2: Woodpecker
Us: Woodpecker who?
M2: Nuppin! (His pronunciation of "nothing")

This "joke" should not be funny. But we all start laughing at his delivery and he tells it all the time. And, really, it would be funny if a woodpecker came to knock on the door, but then said, "Nothing."

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David said...

The key to comedy is the reversal of expectations...he's a natural!