Friday, September 10, 2010

A few monkey quotes...

Walking home from school last week we crossed paths with a middle school girl. The girl smiled at us as she walked by.
M.G.: Wow, that girl's smile was so sparkly. How did she make her teeth glitter like that?
Me: She had braces to help her teeth be nice and straight.
.: At what age can I have those?
I changed M3's diaper during breakfast on Tuesday. I came back to find M2's banana muffin in a pile of crumbs on his plate. He said, "My fingers were pretending my muffin was a bouncy house."

Yesterday M2 was running around like a wild man yelling, "I'm a gramp-ire, I'm a gramp-ire!" (We listen to a song that mentions a vampire.)

Last night I watched Minute-2-Win-It with M.G. They had a special competition between two professional football players and of course they were cheered on by a few team cheerleaders. I had been talking on the phone for part of the show and M.G. filled me in on what I missed. To finish her recap she said, "There are also cheerleaders, but for some reason their outfits are too small. Why would they give them the wrong size?"

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Lucky Cracker said...

I ask myself that same question M.G. . : )