Tuesday, September 07, 2010

M3 at 3 months

M3 is still our peaceful girl. She has become much more interested in "talking" to us and gets antsy if she doesn't have a toy to play with if we put her in her chair. She likes to look at things and try to grab them. She gets the biggest grin when we pick M.G. up from school each day.

She's still sleeping well. It seems like she can't wait to talk to us and run around. A favorite activity during diaper change time is dance time. I "do do do" to the tune of The Hustle while dancing her up and down. The big kids dance like crazy and M3 finds it so funny.

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Soupy said...

I haven't been good about posting comments (who has time!? LOL) but I have been peeking in now and then and OMG your baby is so precious! you have the most beautiful children! :)