Friday, September 17, 2010

Photos for Friday

Papa found a caterpillar on some Swiss chard he harvested from our garden. It was an exciting pet for a few days before we set it free in our yard.

Looking sweet - moments before trying to chew the bunny's head off.

We're all happy it is Friday here. M.G. is really enjoying school, but looks forward to the weekend. I found out she keeps her coat on all day at school, "Because you never know when a recess will pop up." She's been having a lot of fun in art, music, library, and gym. We don't hear as much about her classroom time. She occasionally tells me about things that happen with her classmates and it is fun to hear her getting into the social scene and trying to figure all of that out.

M2 is adjusting. He seems to miss M.G. a lot still and is jealous of the time I need to spend feeding and changing M3. We've had a lot of crying and doing negative things for attention this week. Yesterday M3 was having a cranky day and M2 told me that she was crying because she wanted to be put in a chair so that I could hold him. It's also amazing how he always seems to need to use the potty when M3 needs to eat or I'm changing her. But, he has moments where he is positive about M3 and we're finding fun things to do while M.G. is in school - hopefully this will be a brief stage. He's doing awesomely well with the potty. Maybe one accident a week and he goes in without any prompting from us, he must have been ready for this change.

Grandma and Grandpa M are visiting this weekend and are actually over having lunch with M.G. right now!

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That picture of Catherine is so adorable.