Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Random things.

The days are flying by. School continues to go well for M.G. M2, M3, and I are falling into a good routine. It seems like tempers have evened out a bit.

We try to walk to and from school as often as possible. On most days the kids and I stay outside for an hour or two after school. There is such a difference in our outdoor time compared to when we lived in apartments. I love letting them explore and play together while I read, take care of M3, and try to do some yard work.

M.G. has been trying to climb the trees. At this point she's mostly pulling the low, thin branches of our maple down to her level. M2 putters around on his trike, with the toy lawnmower, or shadowing M.G. I've noticed that M3 really likes feeling the breeze, watching the kids, and soaking it all in.

On Saturday, despite cold weather, we checked out a children's festival at our bank. They offered lunch and a variety of carnival games for the kids all for free. M.G. enjoyed the huge bouncy slide and seeing how many prizes she could win. Both older kids had a pony ride and loved it. M2 looked like a little cowboy. He also had fun at the petting zoo.

Last summer, at the public garden's open house, Papa and I caught ourselves looking around for friends in the crowd. In NY we often ran into families we knew at random events. Several people we know were also at the bank and it's nice to feel like we're starting to make connections here.

M.G. went to her first drop-off birthday party on Saturday afternoon. It was held at the local gymnastics club. She had such a good time and it's another big girl milestone.

M.G.'s first book order of the year was delivered today. She had picked out two books and then I also threw in a book about shoe tying (with a model shoe with a real lace.) She is so excited about it and sat right down to try to figure it out. I'm just not doing a good job teaching her this skill, so hopefully this will help.

Tonight I attended the first PTA meeting of the year. We voted to buy books for the reading program and to give money for a garden being built for educational purposes. Hopefully I'll find a way to become involved.

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