Saturday, September 11, 2010

Watch out!

Tonight M2 was trying to avoid getting his jammies on. He made a really angry face and said:

M2: Watch out I'm a real monster!

We've been trying to avoid monsters around here lately because there used to be hug monsters, or dance monsters, or bunny cracker monsters. But, now M2 clarifies that he is a "real monster" and tries to bite us, for real.

So, I reminded him that we don't have monsters anymore.

Me: Hey, monster, you look just like Joe. What a nice guy to have around.

M2: No, I'm not a Joe monster, I'm a dinosaur. Roar! I will eat you!

Me: Hmmm, no you still look like Joe to me.

M2: No, I'm a dinosaur, watch out. He starts stomping toward me.

M2: No, I'm a dinosaur who lives in water. He swooshes his shoulders to show swimming, still coming toward me..

M2: I'm a big dinosaur who lives in the water and has a big beard! He tries to scare me by jumping on me, but I'm laughing to hard to notice.

Turns out the creature in the book he had just finished did live in the water, but had really long teeth that stuck out of his mouth, kind of looking like a beard.

We figured out another misconception tonight too. We've had trouble with M2 spitting lately. If I ask him to stop he yells, in a fierce voice, "I'm a fire-fighter!" Tonight I thought to tell him that real fire-fighters use hoses to put out fires. He said, "Oh, really? Then I have a hose." and proceeded to put out imaginary fires with an imaginary hose.

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