Sunday, October 10, 2010

Almost there...

Friday afternoon the kids were digging in the dirt where we had removed some plants. They were working hard together.

M.G. said: I will have the best Victory garden! I planted a whole row of dandelions!


My parents brought the kids Homer Hankies a few weeks ago. We don't make a point to watch baseball, but they have Twins shirts and now also the hankies so they say that they are Twins fans.

Tonight Papa turned on the TV for a moment to see if the football game was over. M2 told us not to turn the channel because he'd be right back.

He came back with his Homer Hanky and started cheering, "Go Twins! Go Twins!"

I tried to explain that he had the wrong sport and that MN wasn't even playing football here. He, in a very serious voice, said, "No, this is how Grandma said to do it. Go Twins!"

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