Monday, October 25, 2010

End of 1st quarter

M.G. is starting her 2nd quarter of Kindergarten this week. I'm happy to say that we've fallen into a good school routine. Getting everyone out the door in the morning has gotten easier and I don't spend as much time worrying about missing pick-up time in the afternoon. M2 doesn't often ask about going to get M.G. in the middle of the day anymore, although he still does occasionally. He and I have our own routines at home now and he's gotten much better at playing on his own.

We had our first parent/teacher conference on Wednesday and were given M.G.'s first ever report card! For this first term they only marked social development and work habits. The choices were + or - and she's doing really well. Her only minus marks were for "completes work in reasonable time" (she tends to want to take too long) and putting her things away without reminding.

It was great to hear that she behaves so well for her teachers. Papa and I chuckled that she got a plus for "practices self-control in all settings." Mrs. B clarified "all SCHOOL settings."

We got to see a lot of examples of her school work and her teachers pointed out her academic strengths. Mrs. B seems to be providing M.G. with some challenges while making sure she gets in on all the fun of Kindergarten too. We learned she tested at a 2nd grade reading level, along with another boy in the class, and so they get some special reading instruction when the other kids are learning letter sounds. She's also getting some extra attention for creative writing and math.

We were excited to hear that she was doing well socially and learning the ropes as a new student.

We're starting the tradition of "going out for good report cards" and she's already requested Olive Garden!

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