Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Anniversary House!

We signed on the house on Oct. 27th last year and moved in on Nov. 21st. Here are some of my favorite housy photos from the year.

Soon after the house was ours. First "front step" photo!

Kitchen command center during our paint and carpet stage.

Move-in day!

First big meal and the first time we tried the oven and stove!

I'm still ridiculously happy about our W/D.

A sunny spot for dancing!

A tiny tree is still a tree...


The garage makes strolling much more fun.

They love having a yard to play in.

Now we have room to plant things.

This photo would be better if she had actually figured out how to balance.

First "first day of school" photo on the front step!

We have our own leaves!

Happy 1 year, House!

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David said...

Congratulations to the house, and on your ability to say twenty!