Friday, October 01, 2010

Happy October!

We've been having some beautiful, warm, sunny days here this week. The leaves have really changed color and yesterday the kids and I raked a large pile to jump in.

M.G. has been running through as many leaves as she can on our walks home from school. It's just a great time of year to be outside.

It seems that we have adjusted to our new routines. M.G. is thriving at school. She's back to her normal self after a rocky month or two surrounding the start of school. I notice that something has changed in how she communicates. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I think she converses more and it comes easier.

She adores school and has so much to say on the walks home. Yesterday she was given an award (free lunch at Subway) for using the best manners at lunch. Or for being the most quiet, I'm not really sure. But the principal announced her name and she walked to the front table to collect her prize.

This week they went to a pumpkin patch for their first field trip. She had been waiting to ride a school bus "her whole life" and it did not disappoint. She also got to be in the student teacher's group. We hear so much about this student teacher!

M2 also seems to have settled a bit. He no longer throws fits when M3 is nursing and has started to want to talk to her more. He talks so much and forms these long sentences that take me by surprise. Today he was helping with supper and said, "The last day, when we made the tomatillos, you said I could take the skin off the onion. Can I do that again today?" Last night he was telling Papa all about our activities at the Children's museum and suggesting what Papa might like to see there. The thought he puts into what other people might like also surprises me.

M3 has taken to sucking on two of her fingers. I don't recall the other two doing that often, but it makes her fall asleep out of the blue and looks adorable. Twice today she fell asleep watching me fold clothes during naked tummy time.

She has started making a loud squawking noises when she is interested in something. It sounds vaguely upset, but she's just talking to us. She laughs when she hears men sing. Grandpa B was cracking her up last weekend and last week at church she was giggling at the man a few rows behind us.

October is off to a great start here!

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