Wednesday, October 06, 2010

I have awesome kids

M.G. and M2 play together really well much of the time, but they also have plenty of moments where they just can not be in the same room without driving each other over the edge.

Often the problems start because M2 takes something or destroys something or is too rough. Other times he really wants to play well, but M.G. just expects too much from him. She'll be pretending something specific and he doesn't imagine it right. Or he'll want to play cards or games with her at times when I am busy and they dissolve into fighting because she expects him to follow the rules and he isn't there yet.

One day last week they were ready for school with time to spare. I was feeding M3 and hoping they'd just play together for a bit without drama. I hear this conversation:

M2: Rebecca you want to play a game with me?

M.G.: Sure!

M2: You want to play Yahtzee with me?

M.G.: I only follow the Yahtzee rules and you are too young.

M2: I will try to follow rules.

(I hold my breath and wonder how long this will last.)

They pull out the game and set it up. M2 is patient and doesn't throw everything around. M.G. helps him on each turn to understand what he is supposed to be doing. She uses a really sweet tone when she says things like, "Oh, you don't need to throw the dice all over the room!"

Soon it is time to brush teeth and get going. No one cries about not getting a chance to finish and no one throws the board around because "that is how I clean up". They go right into the bathroom and because they were cooperative we had time for them to each take their last turn.

It's too bad that this one event was so out of the ordinary, but at the same time I can look at it and realize that for all the spats they really do enjoy spending time together.


M2's sentence structure is wild these days. I have trouble not laughing at him because he just sounds so much older than he is.

At supper last night M.G. was telling us that she got to sample several apple products at school. (apple sauce, apple butter, apples, apple jacks...) M2 turns to her and says, "Did Mrs. B**** give you your apples or Miss N******?"

M.G.: Mrs. B***** gave me the apples.

M2: And was Mrs N***** helping the other students?

He often likes to compliment people on their clothes or accessories too.
M2: Melissa, Will have a really nice blanket Melissa.

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