Thursday, October 07, 2010

M3: 4 months!

Our sweet pea is 4 months old!

M3 is still such a content, peaceful baby. In the last month she's gotten stronger - trying to push forward with her legs when she is on her tummy, pulling her shoulders off her bouncy chair, holding her own with less support when she is sitting on my lap. I notice her little arms holding on to me when I hold her now. She squawks at us with gusto.

We think she's starting to teethe. She has started chewing on things more often and drools more, if that is even possible. She has started sucking on her fingers as a way of falling asleep. We still do tummy time during diaper changes and if we leave her like that for a while she'll drift off. I'm still worried enough, about her ability to breathe and the fact that she isn't wearing a diaper, that I never leave her alone sleeping on her tummy on our bed!
M3 is so excited to see M.G. and Papa when they get home. She gives them huge grins and wiggles with joy. She loves watching Joe during the day. In the photo below she watches him as he does a "time for your bath" dance.

Happy 4 months little monkey!

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