Monday, October 25, 2010

Start of 2nd quarter!

Today M.G. was bubbling over at pick-up time!

"You won't believe what happened after our last recess!" The chairs were tipped over and there was a mysterious note and a bag that they can't open yet. I think more mischief will take place all week and it will all make sense at the Fall party on Friday.

"And another exciting thing happened!" They switched tables and now she sits at the blue table. "and everyone else switched spots too!"

"And I'm at max cat power!" There are 5 levels of behavior and they earn 0 to 4 pennies at the end of each day. On Friday they can buy a treat with their money from the week.

"And my book order came!" She's now glued to her books and says, "Uh..... what?" if I try to talk to her.

It was great to listen to the news.

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