Monday, November 08, 2010

M3: 5 months!

Our adorable girl is 5 months old! When we pick her up she often tries to mouth our cheeks. Kisses? Ready for solid food?

She's been rolling and wiggling. Tummy time turns into something like this most of the time...

She's gotten very good at getting toys into her mouth. The toy in the following photo is called a Winkle and she is so excited about it. It rattles, bends and has lots of places to grab. She gets wild waving it around, trying to find a good place to chew, and jiggling it.
She stuck her tongue out at me each time I tried to take a photo.
M3 has her first tooth now. She's been waking up a lot at night in the last two weeks. Hopefully we can figure that out and get more sleep soon. We don't swaddle her anymore because she busts out of it right away and being able to find her fingers sometimes soothes her to sleep. She still naps well, even going down slightly awake sometimes, but at bedtime she cries and fusses for a quite a while now.

The older two love helping M3 play and she drinks in their attention. M.G. has been reading to M3 before bed nearly every night now and it's great to hear M3 giggling with her sister. M2 likes to dance with her, drive cars for her to watch, and give her toys to chew.

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