Friday, November 19, 2010

November in the daytime

The days and weeks are moving quickly. I've started spending my limited free time preparing for our busy December ahead.

M2 has really gotten the hang of playing on his own. The change from August, when M.G. first when to school, is amazing. His latest hobby is playing with tiny cars. Most of his collection was Uncle Dave's. He spends so much time, spread over the day, organizing them and driving them around. They all have to line up for the car wash, then they all drive over to the deck door, then he might leave them there and come back later to line them up somewhere else. Right now they are all eating bagels. (The plastic rings from our stacking toy.)

He's such a social, funny guy. We've hosted a few playdates with our new friends. The first time he was a little unsure, but now he is happy to have them over to play. He likes helping everyone get a good toy to play with (most of the time) and afterward he'll say things to me like, "We really should do that again soon."

He's been saying, "don't cha know," a lot and other random silly phrases. Grandma and Grandpa B were here this weekend and he was hamming it up for them. He found M.G.'s disguise glasses and cracks me up with just a raise of his eyebrows.
He's very loving of M3 now. He has been demonstrating useful things for her - rolling, crawling, eating, driving cars.

M3 is growing bigger before our eyes, it seems. A grandparent visit often kick starts a big development milestone around here, as it was with the other kids too. Grandma and Grandpa wondered if M3 could sit on her own yet. I didn't think she was anywhere close to that, but then I realized we hadn't really tried it! The first day she was really wobbly. But quickly she figured which muscles she needed and now she is so happy to be up and looking around, with some help for balance.
I've posted a lot of comparison photos lately, but M3 milestones remind me of the other two reaching those points. Here was my comparison photo when M2 learned to sit.

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