Thursday, November 04, 2010

Random things from M.G.'s week.

M.G. had a dentist appointment this week. Her teeth are in great shape and her permanent teeth are lurking in the x-rays. The hygienist could feel that M.G.'s bottom front teeth were slightly wiggly. She thought it would just be a couple months until they fell out! The dentist thought she'd have enough room for her new teeth to come in.

I'm just so proud about how mature M.G. was during her cleaning. She has some anxiety about her teeth falling out, but she was calm for her cleaning and did a great job following directions. I could tell it was taking some effort to stay still on her part, but she never needed to be asked twice to do anything. After the cleaning and exam M.G. asked what the hygienist was opening. The hygienist explained that it was fluoride to put on M.G.'s teeth. M.G. said, "Good! That means we are almost done!" in such a relived voice that we all laughed.

Yesterday we went to a flu shot clinic so that we'd all help keep M3 safe this winter. M.G. walks into vaccines like she's the strongest kid in the world. M2 was a little nervous and cried as he was about to get the shot, but even that didn't phase M.G. She pulled her arm out of shirt and didn't flinch when the nurse approached her. Then she said, "Ouch!" in surprise and in kind of a "why did you do that?" tone. She talked us into ice cream afterward.

She loves being a big sister. M3 was watching me clean up the kitchen after supper last night and was making really loud baby noises. M.G. ran in, sure that M3 was asking for a story. M.G. picked out a couple books and did a wonderful job reading them to her baby sister. She held the pages so that M3 could see and kept making little side comments.
"Catherine do you like this page? This is my favorite picture in the book."
"Can you find the bunny here?"
"I just read the title, this is the title page."
"What would you name your pet elephant Catherine?"

M3 was eating it up. She giggled and watched M.G. with such focus and "talked" when M.G. looked at her. It's so much fun to watch the two of them together.

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