Saturday, December 18, 2010

* M.G. has a fuzzy red pony tail holder that has a tiny Elmo face on it. She wore it to school last week and then mentioned at pick-up that a boy in her class said that Sesame Street was for babies. I asked how she responded and she said she told the boy that it wasn't for babies. M2 was seriously watching the conversation. He said, as if weighing the sides, "Yes Rebecca, Elmo is small, but he is not a baby." She quit talking to me then, turning to him in agreement and then moving on to something else.

The next morning she wore red again. I pulled out a bunch of hair things and she picked the fuzzy Elmo right away!

* M.G. is drawn to the cheap, plastic junk near the check-out where we buy groceries. She asks every time if we'll buy her a pretend princess phone or camera or whatever. Today I was looking more carefully at what she picked up and noticed it was just a piece of plastic - I don't think it "did" anything or made noise or even looked particularly like a camera phone.

Me: That is just a piece of plastic. M2 used to pretend board books were cameras. I don't see how this is better.

M.G.: It has pretend buttons and one has a picture of a camera on it. I need buttons.

Me: But these buttons don't do anything. If I draw buttons on a piece of cardboard you'd be happy?

M.G.: That is a great idea! I could color it too!

She set about making herself a cell phone out of paper as soon as we got home. She made one for M2 too. They had a blast for quite a while. Then they played school, but 1st grade instead of kindergarten, because now they have phones. Then she made a call "to a friend who also has a phone" to say she was turning her phone off for the night.

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Lucky Cracker said...

Good girl! Lydia had the same thing happen. She wore a Sesame Street shirt and some kid told her that it was for babies as well. Ergh!