Wednesday, December 15, 2010

M2 turns 3!

M2's had an exciting birthday weekend this year. We started his day off with birthday donuts and the gifts from us.
I made him his own robe this year.
We got him a toy tool belt that will show up later in the post as well as this balance bike.

It doesn't have pedals right now and the thought is that it helps the child learn how to balance. Down the road we can add pedals to this bike.

He and I met up with some friends at the children's museum in the morning. Grandma and Grandpa B arrived in the afternoon. Grandma M, Grandpa M, Godfather Chris, and Godmother Jenny all made it later that night. It was the great Minnesota snowstorm of 2010 and much of the weekend was spent looking up the weather. We were very glad everyone made it to our house and home safely.

Saturday morning we started our small birthday party. M2 wanted a bulldozer/construction theme.
I'm so happy with how the cake turned out. It truly was a collaborative effort, with everyone passing through the kitchen late Friday night with ideas and suggestions. The mud piles are a mixture of frosting and chocolate cookie bits. We used the same cookies to make a wall that spells "Joe M".

I'm not sure if it was the new vehicles or the huge amount of chocolate that made him smile like this...
He spent so much of the weekend smiling and playing with everyone. Happy Birthday indeed!

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