Thursday, December 16, 2010

Well baby visits

M2 and M3 went to the doctor for check-ups at the beginning of the week. They are both doing very well and doing all the things they should for their ages. I don't think we had a single concern to bring up.

M2 was 30 lbs (40%) and 37 inches (50%). He's moving back up the growth curve a bit after slimming down as a 2 year old. He was nervous, but did a great job for the doctor. Soon his apprehension turned to pride.

M3 was a little fussy during her exam, probably because we woke her up and had to take her clothes off. She grew, but really I expected more! She's 19 lbs (95%) and 28.25 inches (off the chart). She had to get another dose of Pentacel and we also started her Hep B. The doctor was impressed with her strength and awareness. She thought M3 acted a lot like a 9 month old.

We started solid foods recently. I offered her a bit of sweet potato on Saturday, but she just mushed it around. Monday morning we offered her some pureed sweet potato.

She was not impressed, but kept wanting to try again.
We've been adding more water, so that the food drips off the spoon, and she gobbles it up now. Just a bit too thick and she makes faces.

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Revlis Queen said...

oh my god- picture #2 of "pureed potato" is priceless!