Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back to work!

M.G. only had school on Thursday and Friday last week and yesterday she had a late start. Today felt like the first day we were really back into our routine. M2 spent a lot of time with his cars. We gave him a play mat with a city on it and now his cars have lots to do. M3 likes playing with the cars too, but we have to watch her or she'll try to chew on them.

Today, as I was fending off M3 attacks, I was reminded of her behavior in the womb. I'd describe her behavior then as rough, like she was trying to stretch out instead of curling into the fetal position. I would push hard on her feet near my ribs to try to force her into a different position and she'd push back. She's got some of that same attitude now. Burping her has become a real challenge because she grabs the hair right at scalp, pinches faces, gouges eyes, and loves to nibble at us. Yesterday she stuck two of her little fingers up my nose, made a fist, and pulled really hard. She's no delicate flower!

M.G.'s bottom middle adult teeth are coming in behind her baby teeth. I mentioned this at my recent dental visit and learned that it is not ideal. If her baby teeth don't fall out soon (he suggested a month) we should bring her in and they will pull them. One is fairly wiggly, the other less so.

M2 napped for Papa all during vacation, so I was a little sad that I couldn't get him to nap for months. But, today we put his new CD player in his bedroom and put in a new lullaby CD and he was out! Yay for small victories!

We have lots of snow, which makes it difficult to drive around, but gives us a very pretty view of the deck. It looks like a constantly shifting modern art sculpture of some sort.

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Nissa Nicole said...

Nope, adult teeth should definitely not be coming in before the baby teeth fall out. As I'm sure the dentist told you, this can really cause them to be extremely crooked. I hope that they start getting loose and come out on their own - I never had a tooth pulled as a kid and have only positive memories of losing teeth, and I would imagine the dentist would NOT be so positive. Oh, actually - I lost my first loose tooth falling off a merry-go-round. So, it didn't start positively, but I think the coolness of losing the tooth definitely made the fall much less traumatic. So it ended up well ;)