Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Circus act

Well, another week has gone by. M.G. had the day off yesterday and with all of them home I feel like I'm spinning plates. When things are on track it is really fun, but then M2 needs help while I'm feeding the baby and suddenly M.G. wants something else and I'm scrambling between them.

In the months since M3 was born I often found myself staying up a little late to put up a blog post or catch up on a variety of things. Now I've been busy working on a new part of my tutoring job and instead of staying up late to do extra fun things I seem to be staying up late just to stay on top of things. Hopefully that will change before long.

I did manage to get M2 and M3 to nap at the same time today and am enjoying that free time. They have been on different schedules lately.

We're still obsessed with teeth in M.G. and M3. M3 is excited about eating again. I made her a bowl of mashed avocado, pureed peas, and rice cereal this morning.

M2 said: Hey, I'd like some of that!
Me: Really? It's avocado, peas, and rice cereal.
M2: Baby rice cereal? No thank you!

We've been having nearly nightly games of Uno and another card game that M.G. was given for Christmas. It's such a nice way to end the day with the kids.

Looks like he is awake now! The break was nice while it lasted!

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