Saturday, January 08, 2011

M3: 7 months!

We all enjoyed watching M3 have fun with friends and family while we were in MN for Christmas. She doesn't mind getting handed off for new snuggles. She enjoys getting up close and personal with people -either to give kisses or try to drink their blood, we're not too sure yet.

We're all willing to take that risk when she smiles and "talks" to us.
M3 was fairly happy on our trip, but it really messed with her routines. Her sleep has gotten even worse and she quit eating solids by the end of the trip. It seemed like we were either giving her too much or not diluting things enough. We gave her a few days with just breastmilk and now are introducing sweet potato and rice cereal again. Yesterday was the first day she seemed like she wanted to have more than a bite.

She has been having a lot of fun with toys lately. Her new Christmas toys and things like boxes or whatever she can get her hands on. She was given a Sophie Giraffe toy and goes wild with it.
It is good for chewing...
But is really, really fun to wave around. It has a squeaker inside and M3 hitting it on things.
She is a pro at sitting and can flop/roll toward things quickly. Her hand-to-eye coordination has improved even more. I feel like she's always grabbing my face and hair or reaching out of my arms for something.

Crawling is right around the corner and she just looks like she can't wait to move. She squirms and wiggles such that we almost put her down so that she can run with the older kids.

Another gift was an Indestructibles book. She grabbed it right away and looked just like the baby on the back!

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