Saturday, January 22, 2011

M.G. is 6!

M.G. turned 6 while we were in Minnesota for Christmas. The day before her birthday we saw Tangled with Uncle Dave, Aunt Nissa, and my parents. (Papa stayed at home with the younger two.) Then we all went to a local pizza place that we all love.

On her actual birthday we celebrated with a lunch party at Grandma and Grandpa M.'s.  (I should not forget to include that her big request for her birthday was homemade Grandpa M noodles.  He made up a big batch for the party - yay for more noodle occasions!)

She also requested a "jungle" cake.She is having her first "friend" party next weekend. She decided to invite all the girls in her class (there are only 9, including M.G.) and wanted Tangled invites. Her party is a whole month after her birthday, but she is excited that it is on Jan. 29th when Dec. 29th is her birthday. It is nice when things work out like that because I feel bad we let it slip as late as it did. I'm still working on the plan for the party, but the time and date is set and the invites were sent - so a party we will have.

M.G. is awesome at 6. She is still in to math, science, reading, music, dancing, pretending, playing games, being nice to her siblings, and more. But, now she's also becoming a conversationalist and is a lot more social with other kids. It's great when we run into a classmate at the childrens' museum and M.G. runs over to play. Music, math, and art are her her favorite parts of school. She doesn't like it when other kids are wild.

Last weekend M.G. was excited to get a shorter hair cut. She and I both had our hair cut at the same time, a first and a fun thing to do together.



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